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Why are we here?

The history of the DC Palisades is the story of America's neighborhood.

There is something special about DC's Palisades.

It's an intangible quality that you can recognize almost the moment you are here. It might be the sound of the water, the softness of the air, or the way the ground feels beneath your feet. All of these things collectively exude one word more than any other: Home.

The History of the Palisades is the story of America’s Neighborhood:

  • From Native Americans through colonialism;

  • Vacant farmlands to a bustling suburb;

  • With a spirit that mirrors our country’s innovation;

  • A face changed a from America’s conflicts;

  • And a character carved by hard work and values;

  • It’s a unique place that’s close enough to the city and our country's halls of power and still somehow far enough away to have perspective at the end of the day.

You are the Palisades History Museum. It is not a place but rather a group of memories donated in the form of pictures, stories, and memorabilia from one person to the next.

It's difficult to know where you are without understanding where you've been. The story behind this history is a sacred thing that tells us about ourselves and where we live.

So a group of us, started a nonprofit charity to archive the moments of this friendly, historic town that races along the Potomac River, C&O Canal, and Path of the Old Trolley.

One day we hope to have a tangible building. But for now we are happy to exist online where everyone in town can still visit and share their stories.

Welcome Home!

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