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What is there to see?

Until the Museum has a building, let us come to you.

We hope to someday have a physical building to display our work, but until then the Palisades History Museum is hard at work to provide virtual exhibits of resources, pictures and videos.

Please click here to see our resources page to access a trove of online resources that allow you explore your house, block and neighborhood. Currently, the page houses maps spanning the Palisades first quarter century. In the coming months, we hope to add congressional directories, city directories, neighborhood plats, tax and appraisal records along with a century of maps and Census records.

Also, please see and add some pictures to our living photo gallery. This part of the site is fed by Palisades residents and the easiest way to share your personal history with the area for posterity sake. Every month we will be holding a drive for a seasonal topic so email a few into us and check back to see some of the best entrees.

These resources and images will be distilled with some research on monthly basis into videos available on the museum's video page. Currently, the first two videos of the season set the stage defining the origins of the words behind" the Palisades of the Potomac." Future topics may range from colonialism, canal, trolley, and civics history.

So that is what we have to see, for now. But "The Times They Are A-Changin.'"

Every year, the Palisades History Museum will unveil a new section of the website. The future could include subdivision pages, interactive timelines for the nation, DC and Palisades that put moments into context, and a map driven by a database of records allowing a person to click on a home and get 150 years worth of online files.

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