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Where should we go?

Help the Palisades History Museum find a fitting home.

By now you have realized that we are not the typical DC museum. For instance, we do not have operating hours, exhibits areas, curators or even Ben Stiller wandering around to provide comic relief. The most noticeable item absent from our museum is an actual building. This missing element does not take away from the story we have to tell, but it does detract from our ability to tell it. So, where do you think we should go? Should it be an unused library room, a vacant area at a local church or a small storefront. Let us know what you think by dropping us a note at Some suggest the Conduit Road Schoolhouse. This one-and-a-half century old, iconic Palisades landmark would be an ideal place for the museum to showcase local history inside something that is truly historic. Currently, the building is not available for occupancy, according to officials at the National Park Service office of Resource Management. The Conduit Road Schoolhouse will continue to undergo renovations during the next year including a ramp to ensure access to all persons before it can be used as a public building. In the coming months, the National Park Service plans engage the community to determine the schoolhouse's long-term usage, including whether to lease the building. So for now, the Palisades History Museum will use some of the display cases at the Palisades Recreation Center to display some of our videos and artifacts.

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